Sweetwater Texas, a lesbian romance book by Anne Hagan

I don’t usually start by commenting on the authors of books, but I have to mention Anne Hagan’s author’s notes: she and her wife run a haunted house. How fricking adorable is that?

Coincidentally, the novella is pretty adorable, too.

Emmie is a elementary school teacher and single mother sitting in on an adult education class on Wind Power. She’s researching the thesis that might get her out of her stifled life. Cassie, on the other hand, is a prickly student studying for her own career reasons.

They appear to get on each other’s nerves immediately—in other words, sparks fly. But Emmie is stifled in more ways than one, and acting on her lesbianism is difficult for her.

Fortunately, a football game draws them together…

Short and sweet f/f

If I have any complaints about this story, it’s that it’s too short. I have nothing against short lesfic, but I was really enjoying this and wanted it to last longer. I loved Emmie, I found Cass intriguing, and to me this area of Maerican is really novel and fascinating. I wanted to learn more about the ranches and the people at the adult education classes, about the homophobia Emmie feared and how Cass dealt with it, about Emmie’s relationship with her son and her parents. I wanted more of the women bickering around their attraction.

I also wanted more of Cass lassoing horses and being generally badass.

I felt that the story raised some interesting questions, so the resolution and HEA, while sweet, felt like it came a bit out of nowhere. I was savouring the slow buildup and the character development, and the ending took me by surprise. I found myself wishing it was a full length novel.

Beginning of a new lesfic series

Of course, Sweetwater Texas is only the first instalment of a new series, Loving Blue in Red States. So hopefully there is more of this world to enjoy—weekly, if the author’s website is to be believed!

This was my first book by Anne Hagan, and I am looking forward to reading her lesbian mysteries, as well.


Yes. This is a sweet read, with great character interaction and a world that really came alive for me. And it has a lesbian cowgirl, or possibly wind farm operator.

Publication and Availability

Sweetwater Texas is available at Amazon, for less than a dollar or as a free read on Kindle Unlimited.

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