Stuck Landing by Lauren Gallagher

Stuck Landing is number 11 in the Bluewater Bay series/universe from Riptide Publishing.

The story is about Anna Maxwell, a director and producer working on a TV series called “Wolf’s Landing”. She has a crush on the series’ stunt co-ordinator, Natalya Izmaylova, a Russian ex-gymnast with a pun for a name so terrible, it’s worthy of a Bond movie.

Despite Stuck Landing being listed as a standalone, you’re launched into the world of “Wolf’s Landing” with no real introduction. Characters of long standing in this universe are present, with an expectation that you need to be neither shown nor told about their relationship to Anna. Partners that I can only assume have got together in previous installments bill and coo in a way that intimates an investment in their happiness that, having never read about them before, I just couldn’t muster. I had no idea what the series Anna and Natalya work on was about and didn’t get much more involved before I ducked out part way through.

I’d give Lauren Gallagher’s writing another shot if I stumbled across a truly standalone book, but the overall experience of Stuck Landing was like reading fan fiction for a show I had never seen. The other installments are m/m and I have no interest in picking them up to see what I was missing.

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