Rescue Me by Michelle L. Teichman

Rescue Me by Michelle L Teichman

Rescue Me is a police mystery focusing on the murder/disappearance of two Toronto police officers, early in their career. A video, taken with the phone of one of the officers, seems to indicate that a paramedic team were involved in his murder. The local police are getting nowhere, so enter an undercover mountie, Kristen Bailey, to investigate what’s going on. She’s finding it tough going, and things have degenerated to the point that police officers are refusing treatment from paramedics. As she works on her investigation, she meets Ashleigh Paige, a paramedic new to the role, who’s not caught up in the blame game going on between the police and paramedics.

I thought the mystery was great, and even kept me guessing, which was nice. The final scenes felt a bit over the top, with Kristen coming over a bit like an invincible superhero by the wrap-up (there’s no way she should have been on her feet through to the end of the showdown).

The romance was well written, I enjoyed the characters and the story, and would definitely recommend this if cops, docs and lesbians are things you enjoy 🙂

ARC received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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