Heart Trouble by Jae

Laleh Samadi’s large, boisterous, Persian family is very close and loving. She is a waitress in her Aunt’s Persian restaurant and her Mother pops in and out all the time and constantly tries to set her up with suitable, young, Persian men.

She suffers from occasional heart problems, but her GP has said there’s nothing to worry about. Until she has a bad turn and her Mother rushes her to the hospital , where she collapses and is treated by Hope Finlay, an ER doctor.

And then things get unusual.

What starts out as a fairly ordinary, sweet romance, uses a trope I more readily associate with Star Trek fan fiction: an accident causes an empathic bond, meaning that the two main characters can feel each other’s emotions. Certainly unexpected!

It’s used really nicely: Hope has issues with emotional connection, and Laleh needs confidence in physical intimacy and the bond enables them to move past their respective issues and get together.

Jill Corrigan provides a crossover character with Jae’s “Hollywood Series”. I like the first Hollywood book, Departure from the Script and I carried on and read more, but I don’t really understand the way that romance authors want to link everything together, with characters appearing in other books and all having to know each other. It felt odd, here. Jill’s presence didn’t really add anything to the story, in my opinion.

Overall, I enjoyed Heart Trouble, the romance develops nicely, and it was a fun read. I also want to find a good Persian restaurant.

I received an ARC from YLVA publishing for an honest review.

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