Burning Passions: a lesbian fantasy book by Tempeste de Villiers

burning passions a lesbian fairy romance by tempest de villiers cover

A short, sweet lesbian fairy tale

Lgbt fantasy books were something I craved in my youth, and were hard to come by. There was Marion Zimmer Bradley’s genderqueer Lythande, with their creepy taste for underage prostitutes and the Pain Of Being Gay, or the Last Herald Mage series by Mercedes Lackey, and a few evil lesbian sorceress who made me feel simultaneously excited and repelled, but happy, accepted f/f couples were just not around.

Things are so much better in this century.

*Burning Passions (Lesbian Fairy Romance Book 1)* is more of a long short story than a book. It’s the kind of one-sitting novelette format that works much better for ebooks than in print.

Flae Me’Blazee (less said about the names in this book the better) is a flame fairy. She has left her home village to live in a multiracial (human, elf and fairy) village because her mother just can’t understand why she likes the lady fairies. When the village is burned down, Flae joins forces (and lips) with a gorgeous elf ranger to take the refugees towards the elven city. But more and more villages are burning—what could be the reason?
The love story is simple and everything is black and white. Flae and her beloved are both beautiful and, conveniently enough, it’s stated that for fairies and elves beauty is an expression of inner goodness, so that’s all right then. They pretty much fall in love (and bed) at first sight, and have no conflict between them. It’s a matter of making love a lot and solving the mystery.

It’s not too hard, either. Only one character displays homophobia. Hmm, who could the bad guy be?

LGBT fantasy romance confection

This story is super sweet, with its pretty, mischievous fairies with lovely wings and brave rangers. Lots of cuddling, and the main characters are sweet to each other, as well as brave. While there’s a little violence and darkness, it’s all appropriately fairy tale PG rated, and as a whole the story is as light and sugary as cotton candy—which my country calls, appropriately enough, fairy floss.

It melts away on the tongue fast enough, but that’s okay. Sometimes you just want something happy and simple and a little bit silly, and I enjoyed my stay in this particular lesbian fantasy world well enough. It’s the beginning of a series, and I’m pretty sure I will go back for more.

I aIso kind of wish the author would hold back on the cutesy euphemisms—fissure of fun? Sweet melons?—but it all kind of fits with the innocent feel of the story.

Publication and Availability

*Burning Romance * is Amazon exclusive. It’s 99 cents to buy, a reasonable price for such a short book, and available on Kindle Unlimited. It’s published by Red Peony Books.


Yes. It takes a little longer to consume than a cup of coffee at a cafe, at about a fifth of the price, and is just as enjoyable a way to spend the time. If you have Kindle Unlimited, I recommend this as a free lesbian ebook.

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