I am a Bristolian, lesbian, feminist, Quaker living in Adelaide, working in IT and wittering on the internet.

I can remember searching desperately on Amazon for books with lesbian romance that were not depressing, where lesbians didn’t die, and that weren’t like The Well of Loneliness or The Fox. I found some, but they were few and far between. Incredibly expensive, published in tiny runs by tiny presses. I cherished them. I wanted more.

Thanks probably mostly to ebooks, to the revolutionary nature of indie authors and self publishing, to the presses like Bella Books, Bold Strokes Books and YLVA, and probably also in no small part to the f/f fanfic writers who were determined that their work would be published, I now have so many affordable lesbian romances to revel in. It’s brilliant! And so much more affordable! I use Scribd and Kindle Unlimited, and buy ebooks I can’t find in either and my ‘to read’ list is massive. I wanted somewhere to share my excitement and thoughts on all this new reading material, and so this blog was born.