A Royal Romance by Jenny Frame

Georgina is called back from her work with the Royal Navy, to take her place as Britain’s first gay monarch. Her charity work brings her into contact with staunch republican, Beatrice Elliot, the director of a hospice charity. As the charity patron, Georgina has a lot of appearances planned, so the two will be meeting regularly through the first six months of Georgina’s reign.

I thoroughly enjoyed the romance storyline. Apparently I’m a complete sucker for ordinary girl meets her Princess Charming stories. And Georgina was definitely charming! I loved her earnest, thoughtful, responsible character, she was lovely. Falling for the republican was well written and, republican that I am, even I enjoyed the descriptions of all the pageantry and public appearances.

A Royal Romance would have probably got a 5 star rating from me, were it not for the interactive strap-on that invaded the sex scenes. My personal take on this is that if I’m reading lesbian romance, the one thing it should not be about is (faux) penis-in-vagina sex. If Georgina had identified as trans, it would have been awesome, but she didn’t and I found it really off-putting.

The writing, and the romance, though, were lovely.

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